5 Ways to Get More Podcast Listeners

So you want to get more podcast listeners. That’s understandable. You put a bunch of work into your show, and now you want people to hear it.

So how do you find more podcast listeners?

I created this five-step guide to get you started as quickly as possible.

1. Write a Mission Statement.

As a podcast professional, I know all about corporate speak. Not everything needs “synergy” or “KPIs”. You’ll notice I keep things pretty simple when I talk about how to start a podcast.

That doesn’t mean you should skip the basics.

One way to get more podcast listeners is to go back to the fundamentals.

Who is your audience? Why do they care?

I encourage you to look at any of your favorite podcasts to see how they do this. Take Radiolab, for example.

Here’s part of their description:

We ask deep questions and use investigative journalism to get the answers.

That’s basically it.

Tell your audience how you’ll help them find what they’re looking for. That’s how to get more podcast listeners.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Know Your Squad: So, before you even hit that record button, get to know your peeps – your audience. What makes them tick? What are they into? Understanding their vibe is like podcasting 101.

Show ‘Em What You Got: Your mission statement should be like the superhero origin story for your podcast. What’s your superpower? Why should people tune in? Keep it straight, no fancy jargon needed.

Stay On Course: Think of your mission statement as your GPS for podcasting. It helps you stay on the right path, make content decisions, and keep your show’s personality consistent.

2. Get More Listeners with Honesty.

There’s a reason people like live podcasts. They get to see their favorite hosts, who usually live as voices in our heads, as actual people.

And consider the people you choose to associate with. They don’t lie often, right?

Research says they’re actually much more likely to be honest than to lie. In fact, here’s a paper on how there are many more low-frequency liars than avid liars.

Most participants lied infrequently and most lies were told by a few prolific liars.

Kim B. Serota, Timothy R. Levine & Tony Docan-Morgan (2022) Unpacking variation in lie prevalence: Prolific liars, bad lie days, or both?, Communication Monographs, 89:3, 307-331, DOI: 10.1080/03637751.2021.1985153

You can get more podcast listeners by being real, too.

And that means more than performing in person. Here are two more specific ways to get more listeners for your podcast:

Keeping It Real: Authenticity, my friend, is the name of the game. Ever met someone who’s all about selling you stuff? Yeah, we can smell that a mile away. Give your audience the same respect. Be upfront about ads and sponsorships.

Balance Is Key: Sure, you can rock those ads, but don’t turn your whole podcast into one big infomercial. Keep the content king, and the promos in check.

3. Create Good Content.

There are countless ways to make exceptional audio. Whether you’re building the next best Halloween podcast or something totally new, your listeners deserve the best possible quality.

Let’s break that down into three areas. It’s easier to remember that way.

Quality Trumps All: You know what really grabs attention? Quality. Get yourself a decent mic, some cool editing software, and maybe even a cozy recording spot (a closet works wonders).

Topics That Pop: Your content needs to have that “grab ’em by the ears” factor. Stay up-to-date with what’s hot and drop those juicy topics.

Guests with Pizzazz: Ever thought about bringing in some heavy hitters? Guests with stories or insights that light up the podcast room can attract a fresh crowd.

4. Invest in Your Equipment.

Professional podcasters understand the value of quality gear. That applies to services, too. I evaluated a bunch of AI tools for podcasting. And those tools can make a huge difference in overall quality.

Think the team behind NPR’s Book of the Day podcast uses built-in mics?

They don’t.

Here are two things to consider when you want to get more podcast listeners.

Sound Like a Pro: You don’t need to break the bank, but invest a bit in gear. Start with a decent mic and headphones, and work your way up as your show gains steam.

Blue Yeti Love: If you’re new to the game, the Blue Yeti USB mic is like the gateway drug of podcasting gear. It’s reliable, wallet-friendly, and gets the job done.

5. Network Effectively.

When it comes to connecting with other podcasters, think of it as making friends in a cool club. First off, figure out who’s in your podcasting vibe. Look for folks who podcast about stuff you’re into, whether it’s true crime, pop culture, or cooking with cats (if that’s your thing).

Once you’ve spotted your potential podcast pals, hit them up on social media. Follow, like, comment, and share their podcast posts.

It’s like giving a virtual high-five, and it shows you’re vibing with their content.

If you’re into face-to-face (or rather, screen-to-screen) stuff, check out podcasting events, webinars, or meetups. These places are like hangouts for podcasters, and you’ll have some cool networking chances there.

And you know who knows how to get more podcast listeners?

Successful podcasters.

So where else do you find them?

Where to find successful podcasters

Join podcasting groups or forums. Get in on the discussions, ask questions, and offer your two cents. Be an active participant, and you’ll start making connections in no time.

When you’re ready to slide into those DMs (direct messages), reach out with a friendly, concise message. Tell them why you dig their podcast. Keep it casual, and don’t overthink it.

And hey, sometimes they might not respond right away – that’s okay, stay cool.

Now, here’s where the magic happens. Show ’em what you’ve got. Maybe you can bring a fresh perspective, or you can introduce their podcast to your listeners. Make your collab proposal sound like a win-win.

But remember, no need to rush.

Not everyone will jump on board right away, and that’s fine. Patience is key.

Once you’re all set, plan a cool collab that makes sense for both of you. It could be cross-promotion, co-hosting an episode, or even rocking a podcasting event together.

Promote each other like you’re part of the same squad. Share episodes, give shout-outs on socials – basically, be each other’s podcasting hype squad.

And here’s the secret sauce: make real friends.

Building genuine connections in the podcasting world isn’t just about business; it’s about creating bonds with like-minded folks.

Don’t ghost after one collab; keep the connection alive. Stay in touch, cheer each other on, and keep looking for more ways to team up. Building your podcast network is a journey, and it’s all about the ride.

Ride the Wave: Your podcast’s reach can get a serious boost when you tag-team with your podcast pals. Plus, they can spill the beans on what’s working for them, and that’s gold.


And remember, podcast growth isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. Keep pumping out that awesome content, stay chill, and don’t be disheartened if you don’t hit the big leagues overnight. Learning from listener feedback and checking your podcast stats can be super helpful too.

Stay groovy, podcasting guru!

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