Maximize Visibility with Podcast Shownotes

You’ll want to maximize your podcast’s visibility on Apple Podcasts and Spotify if you want to build an audience. So many listeners use those feeds to find their new favorite shows. That’s How to Build a Podcast 101 stuff. And there’s one commonly-overlooked way to achieve it. Use your podcast shownotes!

Podcasters write show notes as episode summaries, research dumps, and citation lists. And smart producers add even more. If you know what you’re doing, you can expect to include all the following for every episode you produce.

  1. Focus on keywords: One of the most important elements of podcast show notes is the use of keywords. These keywords should be relevant to the topic of the episode and be used throughout the show notes to help increase visibility on the platform.
  2. Include relevant links: Including links in your podcast show notes can help to drive more traffic to your website. This can include links to other episodes, your website, and any resources mentioned in the episode.
  3. Make them look good: Podcast show notes should be easy to read and visually appealing. Use headings, bullet points, and images to make the show notes more engaging and easier to read.
  4. Optimize for visibility: Podcast show notes can be optimized for SEO by including keywords in the title, meta descriptions, and headings. This can help to improve the visibility of the show notes on search engines.
  5. Be consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to podcast show notes. By using the same format for each episode, you can make it easier for listeners to navigate through the episodes, and also help search engines understand the structure of the show.

Use keywords, including links, make the show notes visually appealing, optimize for SEO and keep them consistent, you can increase the chances of your podcast being discovered by potential listeners and drive more traffic to your website.

Podcast Shownotes: The Important Points

Let’s discuss the most common questions about using show notes to promote your podcast. Here’s what we cover below:

  • What’s the best way to write show notes for my podcast?
  • How do I optimize my show notes for SEO?
  • Should I Use Timestamps in Podcast Show Notes?
  • Why Should I Use Podcast Episode Numbers?
  • What kind of Structured Data Do You Use in a Podcast?
  • How do Show Note on Apple Podcasts Differ from Spotify and Amazon Music?
We evaluated Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music show notes.

What’s the best way to write show notes for my podcast?

When it comes to writing effective podcast show notes, it’s important to use keywords relevant to the episode, including links to other episodes, websites, and resources mentioned in the episode. Make them visually appealing, too. They should flow naturally and include all the salient points you brought up during the show. Basically, if someone wants to look up something about what they just heard, the show notes should show them exactly where to find it.

Ask Your Editor for Help

Save time (and ensure you don’t miss anything) by looping your editor into the show notes writing process. As the editor cuts tape and determines which bits to include, they can also make notes of which important references need mentioning.

Note: Use someone on your team as an editor, or hire a company like We Edit Podcasts to do it. They even list show notes as one of their services!

Use Timestamps Strategically

Use timestamps in podcast show notes to save time for your listeners. This helps increase listener engagement on long-form shows where someone wants to jump to a specific story, fact, or segment. Timestamps offer less value on short-form podcasts.

Build a Template, Then Use It

Just as you develop a format for your show, successful podcasts develop templates for their show notes. Decide what works, then replicate it for each episode. This saves time during the editing process and allows listeners to quickly find what they’re looking for on multiple episodes.

Don’t Overthink Your Podcast’s Shownotes

While show notes offer immense value for listeners (and helpful results for SEO), they shouldn’t become the focus of your show. Most of your followers skip these entirely. They’re an often-invisible resource, available only when specifically requested on a podcast player.

How do I optimize my show notes for SEO?

To optimize the show notes for SEO, include keywords in the title, meta descriptions, and headings. Keep the format consistent for all episodes. It is also advisable to have a summary of the main points covered in the episode, mention guests and provide their profile links, and include a clear call-to-action, such as asking listeners to subscribe and rate the podcast.

Should I Use Timestamps in Podcast Show Notes?

You betcha!

Why Should I Use Podcast Episode Numbers?

As with most parts of podcast production, this is completely your choice. As a podcasting professional, I use episode numbers when I plan to maintain a long-running show. Those numbers add up quickly. Then, before you know it, like the proud parent of a graduating senior, you’ll wonder where all the time went. Use podcast episode numbers when you want to keep a running tally of your show. They also come in handy when you want to use your podcast shownotes to:

  • Quickly reference older episodes
  • Ensure listeners quickly separate old episodes from new episodes

What kind of Structured Data Do You Use in a Podcast?

Use Podcast for the quintessential data structure. It’s designed for podcasts and can be used to provide information like titles, descriptions, and episode numbers. There are other choices too. Some podcasters use Twitter Cards to capture the same information in a way that maximizes their exposure on Elon’s monstrosity.

How do Show Note on Apple Podcasts Differ from Spotify and Amazon Music?

Podcast aficionados already know that Apple’s famous podcast player doesn’t prioritize clickable links in their episode details. Audio providers like Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, and others display these links freely. Here’s a quick look at the differences using an episode of Planet Money’s The Indicator.

Amazon Music still allows linking in their show notes.

As you can see, Amazon Music is the only service that still shows clickable links in the show notes. Spotify’s details, shown below, contain a non-clickable link.

You can’t click the NPR link at the bottom of these show notes.

As podcast hosts mature, they often remove the ability to click links from their desktop platforms. Don’t let this deter you from including links for your listeners. Just keep them simple. If someone sees a link on the most popular platforms, they may have to manually enter the link instead of clicking.

Conclusion on Podcast Shownotes

In addition to what we just discussed, remember that content will always be king. Produce good stuff. Record high-quality audio. Make something you’re proud of. Your listeners will (eventually) thank you for it!




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