10 Unforgettable Podcast Ideas with Friends

Looking to record a conversation with someone you already connect with? Check out these unforgettable podcast ideas with friends. Each one prompts your discussion, so you can set up the microphones and just hit record. You and your guest (or co-host) should find fertile ground for discussion with any of these options.

The Best Podcast Ideas with Friends

Podcasting with people you like is important. It enhances your recording sessions with engaging content and, of course, requires rapport with your co-host or guests. It can also lead to a more productive recording process, potential collaborations, and networking opportunities. If you don’t have all that already, you’ll need some of the ideas we came up with below.

For each conversation prompt, we included a few variations. Feel free to give us a shout-out on the air if you end up using one of our podcast conversation starters.

Let’s get this started.

10. Underrated Moves of the Past 10 Years

Obviously, you can swap out “movies” for whatever best fits your audience’s interests. Netflix nerds might talk about the most underrated characters in Stranger Things, and podcast friends with economics interests might chat about underrated monetary policies. You get the idea.

Want to dig deeper? Have your guests prepare their most overrated movie suggestions too. Over-hyped media remains a popular gripe, and there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

Now we’re rolling.

9. Least Likable Celebrities

Celebrity takes invite you to discuss current events, rumors, and (best of all) gossip. Not into celebrities? Try sports figures, politicians, authors, or breeds of dogs. The key to success: The best podcast ideas for friends dig deep into your interests. Both of you should have opinions on the subject.

The inverse idea also works here. Which celebrity lives up to the hype? If you haven’t already discussed Keanu Reeves and Brendan Fraser, now’s the time to do it.

Ready to get weird?

8. Favorite Cliches from Horror Movies

Movie discussions make fun podcast ideas with friends because you’ll tend to have similar viewing habits. Friends who prefer other genres might prefer to discuss cliches in romantic comedies, 1980’s action movies, or superhero films.

To take this conversation deeper, consider unique takes you’d rather see in any of these circumstances. Can’t stand when the staggering zombie keeps catching up to the quick-legged teen protagonist? Figure out how you’d rewrite the scene and invite your guest to punch up the script.

You’ve got this!

7. Best Holiday Episode

What’s the best Christmas TV episode ever released? What about a Halloween episode? You might have similar nostalgic memories as your co-host, but the most memorable conversations come from unlikely choices. Dig deep!

Pro tip: Successful podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang do end-of-year marathons with “best of” segments from the past 12 months. Develop your own annual traditions and your listeners can look forward to something special every year.

Set realistic goals.

6. New Years Resolutions You Actually Kept

Many small podcasts have themed episodes around New Year, and many people discuss their failed resolutions. Invert the premise. Instead, talk about what actually went well. As an extra challenge, book a guest who specializes in SMART goals.

Better yet, invite your guests to set impossibly-easy goals with you this year. Maybe today’s the day you finally give up on saying you’ll run a marathon. Voila! That’s achievable.

Share your quirks.

5. Best Bad Habits

Sometimes “bad” habits lead to positive outcomes. If you and your co-host come up with a list of seemingly regrettable actions, it could lead to a surprising conversation. Maybe staying up too late isn’t so bad after all.

Nobody lingers over the dangers of smoking in Jim Jarmusch’s “Coffee and Cigarettes.” The movie luxuriates in its characters, their conversations, and the vices of those in the scenes. You could do worse than mimicking this in a conversational podcast. Embrace your vices.

Enjoy the journey.

4. Memorable Wrong Turns

Want a memorable podcast idea with your friends? Talk about the last time you got lost. Everyone has a story, and your listeners will decide who made the most of an unexpected adventure.

Can’t think of a time you made a wrong turn? Consider your last road trip. Ask your guest about the last time they drove without a specific destination or schedule in mind. Road stories get you talking about new places, new people, enclosed spaces, and uncertain outcomes.

What’s your precious?

3. The Thing You Most Regret Losing

Make a list of the things you miss most from your childhood. Then, compare. Interesting discussions spawn from similarities and differences. This podcast topic also resonates with those who managed to keep their most precious items.

As with other recommendations, consider the tone of your show. If you and your guests regularly hit emotional themes, use this theme to spark conversations around family or legacy.

Get them talking about golf.

2. Spicy Takes on Golf

You don’t have to care about a sport to have a strong opinion about it—especially when that sport historically segregates itself from the majority of the population. What do you love about it? And what do you hate about it? What could you do with all that gorgeous land occupied by acres and acres of expensive real estate?

We chose golf as one of the best podcast topics because of the major polarization of sympathies. Some people look at it as a cherished and peaceful form of recreation. Others see exclusivity, waste, and environmental destruction. Where do your guests land on the subject?

Who’s the expert?

1. The Most Unhelpful Advice You’ve Ever Gotten

Don’t you dare say it’s this article.

Seriously, everybody has a story about their most unhelpful advice. Here’s the key to success: Focus your podcast topic around professional advice or relationship advice. Your guests may surprise you with irony, sympathy, or absurdity.

And don’t forget to check out the most ridiculous podcast ideas by ChatGPT.

Podcast Ideas for Friends: Summary

Choose a conversation starter based on the type of show you usually host. If your audience expects humor, you’ll find the most value in one of the comedic episode ideas. Serious podcasts benefit most from more philosophical discussions. Just don’t get bogged down with tangents. Whatever type of show you create, you can learn how to podcast with advice from a professional.