Unravel the Ghoulish Mysteries of the Best Halloween Podcasts

There is nothing scarier than an unsolved mystery. That’s why Halloween is the perfect time of the year to listen to horror podcasts; they keep you awake at night trying to decode every puzzle and unravel every secret. Whether you are looking for true ghost stories, fictional tales of vampires and witches, or the much creepier genre of true crime, there’s a Halloween podcast out there for everyone.

We handpicked the best podcasts that will make your hair stand on end, keeping you hooked till the end.

What Makes a Good Halloween Podcast?

What makes a good Halloween podcast, you ask? It’s all about creating an immersive atmosphere that puts you in the spooky spirit of the season. Sound effects and eerie music can transport you to October in a different world while chilling ghost stories and expert interviews on supernatural topics will give you that ghoulish mystery you crave.

This witch loves Halloween podcasts.

Topics also matter. The best Halloween podcasts cover zombies, mysterious creatures, cults, and other horrifying topics. True Crime shows also cover some of these topics. Just watch out for gore and other themes that might make your skin crawl. You already know we love talking about the best podcast topics for other subjects, so let’s dig into Halloween podcast ideas for the spooky season.

Spooky vs. Scary: Halloween Podcast Topics

When it comes to Halloween podcasts, there is a fine line between spooky and scary. Spooky is more associated with Halloween themes, like ghosts, witches, and supernatural occurrences, while scary is more about fear and true crime stories. The spooky themes include traditional Halloween tropes that give off an eerie feeling.

On the other hand, true crime stories can be scary, but they’re entirely different from a spooky podcast. True crime podcasts tend to be graphic, oppressive, and disturbing.

Ultimately, it all boils down to your personal preferences. What do you find more thrilling and entertaining? Whether it’s spooky or scary, there are numerous options available for every horror enthusiast out there.

With this in mind, take the time to explore what the world of Halloween podcasts has to offer and create your own “best of” list accordingly.

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This Year’s Best Halloween Podcasts

Looking for some eerie, terrifying, or allegorical Halloween podcasts to give you goosebumps this season? Look no further, we have listed down the best Halloween podcasts of the year.

This year’s list includes podcasts with traditional spooky themes and others that delve into true crime stories, thrilling listeners with spine-tingling mysteries. Whether you’re a fan of the season, love the thrill of a good horror story, or are interested in true crime, there’s something for you on this list.

Some podcasts are fully Halloween-themed, while others only have specific episodes. Among the list, there’s a show for everyone, from Jules and James to Lore, which contains the most episodes, and Snap Judgment: Spooked, boasting the fewest.

Ready to get spooked out of your mind? Check out the list of the best Halloween podcasts of the year!

Unlike unpopular podcasts, people already know and love these shows. They’re the best spooky episodes around.

Unravel the Mysteries of Lore

Looking for some Halloween-themed podcasts to get you in the spooky spirit? You’ll want to check out Lore. This podcast explores the true-life scary stories behind the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares. With dozens of episodes to choose from, you’re sure to find something to keep you up at night.

For the spookiest episode, we recommend “The Devil You Know,” which tells the chilling tale of a New England family who is terrorized by an otherworldly presence. And if you’re looking for a standout episode from 2023, check out “Haunted Hollywood,” which details the eerie legends surrounding some of Tinseltown’s most famous landmarks.

Explore the Dark Side with Welcome to Night Vale

Looking for the best Halloween podcasts to feed your spooky side? Look no further than Welcome to Night Vale, a popular sci-fi radio show that expertly blends spookiness, humor, and pop-culture references. This fan-favorite podcast has delighted listeners for years with its unique format and entertaining storytelling.

But with so many episodes, where do you start? It’s best to start at the beginning, but don’t worry, you can jump in at any time and still enjoy the show. And for the spookiest episode, be sure to check out “A Story About You” from season one, which takes listeners on a thrilling and terrifying ride through a nightmarish landscape. Tune into Welcome to Night Vale this Halloween season and explore the dark, spooky side of podcasting.

Get Ready for Chills with The NoSleep Podcast

Looking for a spine-chilling experience this Halloween season? Look no further than The NoSleep Podcast, one of this year’s best Halloween podcasts. This podcast features original horror stories narrated by voice actors with eerie sound effects and music to enhance the overall experience.

The NoSleep Podcast started in 2011 and is now in its 14th season, comprising over 350 episodes. One of the spookiest episodes is “The Whistlers,” which explores a small town terrorized by an otherworldly presence.

Uncover the Truth Behind The Black Tapes

If you’re looking for a spooky podcast to get you in the Halloween spirit, The Black Tapes is a must-listen. This horror podcast follows investigative journalist Dr. Richard Strand as he delves into a series of mysterious unsolved cases. The Black Tapes covers a variety of creepy topics, including hauntings, cryptids, urban legends, and more.

Hear Real-Life Ghost Stories on Jim Harold’s Campfire

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spooky spirit than with the best Halloween podcasts of the year? Among the top picks is Jim Harold’s Campfire, which allows listeners to hear real-life ghost stories from around the world.

Visit Forbidden Areas with Haunted Places

Looking for a way to unravel the mysteries of the supernatural and get into the Halloween spirit? Look no further than Haunted Places, one of this year’s best Halloween podcasts. Each episode takes listeners on a journey to a different haunted location, from abandoned asylums to cursed hotels, and provides in-depth interviews and insights from experts on the history and paranormal activity of the area.

Know Your History with Morbid

Love serial killers, scary stories, and the month of October? Definitely check out Morbid. The podcast covers crimes, lore, spooky history, and mysteries with a lighthearted touch. While the podcast is usually more scary than spooky, they do release special Halloween episodes every year, covering topics such as ghosts, witches, and more.

In fact, the show has covered so much ground that there are countless episodes to choose from, making it the perfect way to get your fill of bone-chilling stories all year round. And with the recent move to Wondery, members can now enjoy even more benefits, including exclusive content and behind-the-scenes access. So if you’re looking for a podcast that’s equal parts creepy and entertaining, you’re likely looking for Morbid.

Tune into The Scaredy Cats Horror Show

Looking for spooky entertainment this Halloween season? Delight in The Scaredy Cats Horror Show, one of this year’s best Halloween podcasts. Hosted by horror enthusiasts Isadora and Emily, the show’s format features a deep dive into the history and themes of the best horror films. Despite only having a short run with a few episodes, the podcast has garnered a large following thanks to its insightful commentary and captivating guests.

The highlight of the show is undoubtedly their coverage of the classic horror film, “The Blair Witch Project.” This episode features special guest Eduardo Sanchez, the co-writer and co-director of the film, and offers a unique behind-the-scenes look at its creation.

Halloween Podcast Episodes on Real-World Hauntings

One episode from Lore details the mysterious disappearance of a young Kentucky boy named Harold English in 1967. The episode investigates the urban legend that claimed Harold had been whisked away by a ghostly hitchhiker named “Charlie.” The podcast presents an intricate account of events, interviewing everyone from Harold’s family members to the police officers investigating the case.

Similarly, Generation Why features an episode on Ed Gein, an infamous American murderer who inspired notable horror movie characters. The hosts discuss the macabre details of this cold case, analyzing court documents and the psychological state of the accused murderer.

Halloween Podcast Episodes on the History of Witchcraft

Both the Lore and Morbid have Halloween podcasts devoted to the history of witchcraft – an intriguing subject for Halloween enthusiasts. The Lore podcast has an episode titled “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea,” which dives deep into the origin of the witch-hunt hysteria around the world.

Halloween Podcast Episodes about Vampires

If you’re a fan of the spooky and gruesome, Halloween podcasts are the perfect way to get your fix. Several podcasts offer episodes that explore the history and mythology surrounding vampires.

The Halloween podcast Lore, for instance, has an episode dedicated to vampire folklore.

These episodes unravel the ghoulish mysteries of vampires and shed light on the culture of horror. Whether you’re a horror enthusiast or simply appreciate a good scare, these podcasts have got you covered with their vampire-themed episodes.

Podcasts with Halloween Specials

Halloween is the perfect time for podcasts to get spooky! Certain shows have Halloween specials every year. For instance, Morbid’s spooky season episodes are among the favorites, where they talk about true crime with a Halloween twist. Many comedy shows like Comedy Bang Bang also have Halloween episodes that are packed with hilarious content. Of course, you can also trust your friends to come up with fun podcast ideas too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a favorite scary podcast for Halloween?

My favorite is called Lore. It tells the stories of true historical events and explores the darker side of human nature through thrilling audio dramas. The podcast dives into superstitions, folklore, supernatural occurrences, dark histories, and other topics related to human curiosity about the unknown.

What are the best spooky podcasts to get in the Halloween mood?

If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit, check out Lore or Welcome to Nightvale. Lore is one of the most popular spooky podcasts out there, offering listeners a unique mix of soft spookiness and historical tales.

What are the best scary podcasts?

Two of the best scary podcasts are “Welcome to Night Vale” and “The NoSleep Podcast”. Welcome to Night Vale is a dark comedy horror podcast that follows the lives of eerie, supernatural occurrences in a small desert town. The NoSleep Podcast is an award-winning anthology series of horror stories.


If you’re looking for a spooky podcast to listen to this Halloween, we’ve got some ideas for you. These podcasts have been loved by horror enthusiasts and skeptics alike for their ability to tell spine-chilling stories that keep you awake at night.

Looking to record your own Halloween episode? Check out my guide on podcast mics.

Some of them even include special episodes dedicated to the spookiest time of the year: Halloween! You can listen to these podcasts either on your commute or while walking alone at night (if you dare). Happy haunting!




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