The Best Podcast Advice for Entrepreneurs

We found several notable shows with expert podcast advice for entrepreneurs. Each show targets a slightly different audience, and they cover a range of topics.  Read the full guide for a breakdown of what makes these shows notable for startup founders, small business owners, and other executives.

Podcast Advice for Entrepreneurs

We evaluated all nine business podcasts below. Each section includes a short description of the show, the type of expert advice offered, and which episodes to check out first.

How I Built This Podcast Advice for EntrepreneursHow I Built This with Guy Raz

Guy Raz launched the popular podcast, How I Built This, to showcase entrepreneurs. Expect to hear from some of the most famous business leaders alive as they talk about the origin stories of their thriving brands. Raz comes highly recommended. He works at NPR, a podcasting powerhouse, and his shows earn almost 20 million downloads each month.

Business Advice to Expect from How I Built This:

How I Built This tells you how founders built their brands. Entrepreneurs looking for podcast advice can also glean best practices from the structure and quality of Guy Raz’s most popular show.

Notable Episode with Advice for Entrepreneurs:

Start with the Lululemon Athletica: Chip Wilson episode. It talks about how a tiny shop in Canada evolved into the multibillion-dollar brand you know today.

The Tim Ferriss Show has Business Advice from ExpertsThe Tim Ferriss Show

Like Guy Raz, Tim Ferriss launched his show with a huge existing audience. He’s the bestselling author behind The 4-Hour Workweek, and he changed the way a generation thinks about productivity.

Business Advice to Expect from The Tim Ferriss Show:

Ferriss built his brand around a passion for learning. In his show, he finds the most successful people in their respective fields and interviews them about their experiences. Entrepreneurs love this advice podcast for top-tier guests.

Notable Episode with Advice for Entrepreneurs:

Depending on your interests, you may want to start with the episode where Ferris interviews:

They Got Acquired Podcast Advice for EntrepreneursThey Got Acquired with Alexis Grant

Alexis Grant focuses on smaller businesses with They Got Acquired. Unlike the billionaires on The Tim Ferriss show, Grant’s guests sold their ventures for as little as $100,000. This gives a different viewpoint with advice for entrepreneurs, one that might be more applicable to small business owners.

Business Advice to Expect from They Got Acquired:

Follow along with this business advice podcast for real-world stories from people you might actually meet in real life.

Notable Episode with Advice for Entrepreneurs:

Check out the episode with Sam Parr, called From Hot Dog Stand to 8-Figure Exit, to hear about the development and sale of The Hustle.

The Planet Money Podcast has Economics AdvicePlanet Money

You might not think of Planet Money as an entrepreneurial podcast, but the show’s economic themes apply to businesses of all sizes. This show dives deep into topics surrounding money. Plus, it’s built by the podcast experts at NPR.

Business Advice to Expect from Planet Money:

Follow Planet Money to learn about market trends and to hear the latest economic news. The best thing about this business podcast? The hosts break down complex topics every week, and you won’t need a master’s degree to comprehend micro- and macroeconomic concepts.

Notable Episode with Advice for Entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs may want to listen to The Rocky Road Ahead for Startups, which details the current climate at venture capital firms.

The BiggerPockets Podcast has Real Estate AdviceBiggerPockets

David Greene and Rob Abasolo interview real-estate investors about their businesses on the popular BiggerPockets podcast. Unlike the other shows we reviewed, this one focuses on a specific niche. Listen for entrepreneurial advice on running a real estate business or glean tips from guests to use in other industries.

Business Advice to Expect from BiggerPockets:

This show focuses on real estate, but a clever listener might also learn about using leverage and credit to build a business.

Notable Episode with Advice for Entrepreneurs:

For a counter-intuitive take on rising interest rates, check out the Seeing Greene: Interest Rates, Flipping Tips, and Investor-Only Loans episode.


Our favorite shows with podcast advice for entrepreneurs include big and small names. Some of these shows have hundreds of episodes and tens of thousands of listeners. Others just launched recently. The key similarity: All of these shows focus on expert guests. The interviews and stories include insider podcast advice, which entrepreneurs can use to build their own businesses.

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